Have you ever read a joke which made you roll around on the floor laughing so much you almost puked? Of course, like any good friend you instantly want to share the joke with your friends... But wait, you lost it. No need to worry, this blog is dedicated to Email humour. I have several twisted friends who send me jokes daily. The good ones will be posted here. Feel free to add your own in the comments section



This is a little dated but is just as new today as it was back in the day when METALLICA SUED NAPSTER. Today, Napster is pretty much history as it was known and Metallica and RRIA are still on the witch hunt... latest target... The PIRATE BAY.

A few words of wisdom from James Hetfield
Money Good Napster Bad
Beer Good
T-shirts Good
Fire bad Fire Bad

And Finally...

Grab-asses bad

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